In July 1926, silent film star Tom Mix arrived by train in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, for the shooting. He was accompanied by his family, 55 cast and crew members and 22 horses, including Tony the Horse, who was just as popular as his human counterpart. Two Pullman cars and two special baggage cars conveyed Mix’s company and equipment.  Each day for three weeks spectators lined the Glenwood Canyon road to watch Tom MixTony the Horse and the rest of the troupe complete the exterior shots for the movie. Mix performed all of his own stunts, including rappelling down the walls of Glenwood Canyon. Mix and his horse also galloped the length of Shoshone Dam in one of the movie’s chase scenes.
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Trivia:  Future western film icon John Wayne worked as a property assistant (props boy) on the film and appeared as an extra. His first job in the business.